Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Love Cynic.

I am absolutely loving my life right now.

Everything that I have ever wanted, I have.

I wanted love. [check]
I wanted passion. [check]
I wanted adventure. [check]
I wanted financial stability. [almost check]
I wanted freedom from a tied down life. [check check!]

I know I keep talking about things I have realized over the last few months, but they are all so incredible. I always thought that if I moved to a new place I could find adventure, when in actuality if I move it would be fun at first, but if I wasn't happy with myself I would be in the same stressful state as before.

My long for a freedom from a tied down life overcame me.
I viewed marriage, scratch that, relationships as a way to be constricted for a period of time, because deep down I'm a cynic and believe that nothing can truly stand the test of time. Thinking two people can be in love with the same person for all eternity kinda seems too good to be true to me. I'm not as naive as I used to be and I'm sorry if you believe in deep whole-hearted love, but like I said, I am a cynic.

A love cynic.

However, if you can persuade your heart and mind to comprehend that forever love, be my guest.

All I know is that loving someone else doesn't bring happiness, you must first love yourself. Loving yourself brings an unbelievable amount of joy, which eventually is accompanied by passion, adventure, and all kinds of stability. And if you are truly happy in your relationship with the one you love, then marriage won't seem like a death sentence. It will not seem like an ending to something.

A great spider-like man once quoted his father figure. He said:
"With great power comes great responsibility."

I don't believe that only applies for superheroes.

Love is the greatest power on Earth. If you can find it, harness it, and work your damnedest at making sure the person you have that love for is happy, you will never be sorry that you tried to make it last "forever".

Forever isn't conceivable, but love can be...if you let it.

Oh yeah, and Happy Thanksgiving.