Tuesday, February 16, 2010

123 Days.

Ok, so today was the first day of the new job.

Me vs. 11 two-year-olds.

Jesus will be the only one who will give me the strength to build my stamina up for this job. Gym first thing in the morning, work 8:30-5:30, not too sure about dinner, Idol, then bed.

On a happy [wedding] note, the fiance and I got the paperwork drawn up to use a local venue that is owned by the city now. It's an old movie theatre-turned live theatre that local productions use. It is gorgeous and MUCH less expensive than the alternative.

We will be doing it early in the afternoon, thus eliminating the cost of having to feed everyone a meal. We will be having a "sweets table", i.e. cake, cupcakes, treats, candies, etc. And a bar with the option of a cocktail we choose and a beer he will pick out. I steer clear of that department.

A friend of ours is starting up his DJ business and he will be taking care of our musical needs at a VERY reasonable price.

I emailed the photographer that we planned on using last time, a friend of my step-mom's, and she is 99% sure she has the date available.

My wedding dress[es] still fit. I have two by semi-accident. We bought one last time, then I found a more beachy one so I exchanged the first one for the flowy one. Then I found a dress, one left, on clearance [my FAVE!!], ivory, my size, and it fits perfectly. So, now I have the more formal, fitted one AND the flowy one. I was thinking I can wear the formal one for the ceremony and the traditional stuff for the reception, then change for all the fun party dancing stuff.

-find a cake/cupcake person
-get a police officer contracted to work the event [city requirement]
-talk to the caterer about ONLY providing a bar
-put deposits down
-get my two other bridesmaid's dresses ordered
-order mother's, father's, wedding party's gifts
-place rental order for linens
-decide and purchase things for centerpieces and bouquets [gotta love DIY]
-pick a honeymoon destination [job given to fiance]
-get his ring, size my ring
-request marriage license
-attend marriage class at church
-talk to Pastor Matt
-write vows
-order save the dates, invitations
-finish the TO DO list