Sunday, February 28, 2010

111 and Counting.

Ok, so I have been deathly ill, and while I have been taking a break from exerting myself physically in any activity [excluding work] I have neglected my blog, yet again.

While neglecting this, I also have forsaken that darn wedding To-Do list, but on a happy note, thanks to my previous post I have gotten some GREAT messages via Facebook email.

Updates tomorrow, I promise.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

123 Days.

Ok, so today was the first day of the new job.

Me vs. 11 two-year-olds.

Jesus will be the only one who will give me the strength to build my stamina up for this job. Gym first thing in the morning, work 8:30-5:30, not too sure about dinner, Idol, then bed.

On a happy [wedding] note, the fiance and I got the paperwork drawn up to use a local venue that is owned by the city now. It's an old movie theatre-turned live theatre that local productions use. It is gorgeous and MUCH less expensive than the alternative.

We will be doing it early in the afternoon, thus eliminating the cost of having to feed everyone a meal. We will be having a "sweets table", i.e. cake, cupcakes, treats, candies, etc. And a bar with the option of a cocktail we choose and a beer he will pick out. I steer clear of that department.

A friend of ours is starting up his DJ business and he will be taking care of our musical needs at a VERY reasonable price.

I emailed the photographer that we planned on using last time, a friend of my step-mom's, and she is 99% sure she has the date available.

My wedding dress[es] still fit. I have two by semi-accident. We bought one last time, then I found a more beachy one so I exchanged the first one for the flowy one. Then I found a dress, one left, on clearance [my FAVE!!], ivory, my size, and it fits perfectly. So, now I have the more formal, fitted one AND the flowy one. I was thinking I can wear the formal one for the ceremony and the traditional stuff for the reception, then change for all the fun party dancing stuff.

-find a cake/cupcake person
-get a police officer contracted to work the event [city requirement]
-talk to the caterer about ONLY providing a bar
-put deposits down
-get my two other bridesmaid's dresses ordered
-order mother's, father's, wedding party's gifts
-place rental order for linens
-decide and purchase things for centerpieces and bouquets [gotta love DIY]
-pick a honeymoon destination [job given to fiance]
-get his ring, size my ring
-request marriage license
-attend marriage class at church
-talk to Pastor Matt
-write vows
-order save the dates, invitations
-finish the TO DO list

Monday, February 15, 2010

Engagement, Round Two.

So, it happened.

It's late, and I can't go into too much detail tonight, but he proposed, I said yes, and it's round two of wedding plans, deposits, photographers, caterers, DJs, venues, lighting crews, decorators, linens, rentals, flowers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, boutonnieres, arrangements, etc.

What have I gotten myself into?

Friday, February 12, 2010

V-Day Drama.

Today is the last day of the work week pre-V-day. The area of my desk where flowers are supposed to go is bare.

And, since I am technically single until that beautiful, eclectic ring lands on just the right finger, today is the day I was a bit thrown.

Everyone in the office was getting flowers. Even the ladies we thought were single. Well apparently we thought wrong.

It was down to me and two other ladies, and as the clock creeped past 2 p.m., we started penis bashing. I mean really hard core, dropping words only the saltiest of sailors use, and cursing the men who were supposed to be chivalrous but were not. They were just men.

Distraught, I leave on a quest to abandone the one goal I set for myself in the foodie area. NO FAST FOOD. Well, it's amazing how quickly one can forget those once, ever-so-important rules to live by. Good bye healthy, hello yummy.

I got deep fried, breaded chicken nuggets, steamy, delicious waffle fries and an ice cold lemonade. Mmm mm good.

I pull back into my office parking lot, totally satisfied with my choice for lunch, because in my eyes depression TOTALLY justifies eating unhealthily every once in a while. I waltz back to my desk, with a smile on my face, only to find a bouquet of a dozen dark pink long stem roses, wrapped in tissue paper.

I love wrapped in tissue paper. You could hand me long stemmed anything as long as it's wrapped in some form of paper. Brown paper is my favorite, but any paper will do.

Anyway, they are gorgeous, and smell fabulous.

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Losing Control.

I have realized when I just let go and stop trying to control every little situtation, things actually work themselves out.

Well, not things because they can't work. God works. He does everything in His time, even if we wish he could just hurry up sometimes. God teaches us patience, and that is the one virtue I couldn't figure out how to master all by myself.

It wasn't meant to be learned alone, that's why it took me so long. I was impatient to learn patience. It's ironic, really.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
James 1:2-4

As hard as it is to understand, that's really true. It's only through pain and suffering do we learn to truly appreciate anything.

The relationship, yes relationship to all of you shocked handful of viewers out there, that I'm in now came totally unplanned, but it happened all the same.

Now I am where I should have been all along. I am happy with myself, learning patience hand in hand with someone I could see spending the rest of my life with, and knowing that every day is a choice.

It's not all about "the spark" that comes with newfound love, it's about choices.

It's not about what you may or may not miss out on, but the adventure you can embark on together.

Life is all about what you make of it. When you know something is right, try not to fight it. Allow yourself to just go with the flow, knowing that everything will work out.

Everything happens for a reason. God doesn't give you anything you can't handle, even if you wish He didn't trust you as much as He did.

Monday, February 8, 2010


So it's been a week. An incredibly LONG, trying past seven days.

I feel the same about this week, and it's only Monday.

I feel bad that I haven't posted anything lately, but to tell the truth, I have written some things. Though after reading them I realized they were me just venting and being spiteful, so those things will not make it to the public eye. They will stay in my special folder on my desktop where I keep all of my written tantrums.

Trust me, you don't want to go in that folder.

I am torn right now. I am torn between school, what's right and what's easier/cheaper/better for me in the long run. My heart is torn between doing what I know I'm supposed to do by taking things slow and just running full force like I always do. And my body is torn between working out, and my work opportunities, and just everything and everywhere I need to be at once.

I'm just torn.

And I don't like to be torn. But if I'm going to stay true to myself, then I know then I know what I have to do.

I have to stick with school the way I should.

I have to follow my heart, even if that means jumping in with both feet. If I didn't make hasty, yet whole hearted decisions, then I wouldn't be me.

And I have to pace my stress level. There is no way to eliminate my stress completely, it's a neccessary evil. As much as I hate it, it motivates me. It keeps me moving and going like I need to, even if I don't really want to, but I have noticed that I can't bombard my subconscious by worrying constantly if I am getting every little thing crossed off my checklist. I have to slow down or that damn checklist will be the death of me.

I think the goal for this week should be breathing.

Just remembering to breathe and realizing it's okay if it's not all done right now.
After all, even Rome wasn't built in a day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Faith, Love and Happiness.

Where do I even begin?

I have been trying so hard to find something that inspires me. Something that tugs at my core. Then it happened. I had to make a concious effort to stop thinking on my car ride home. I had no tape recorder, no pad and paper, and even if there were the last two things, I was on the highway.

Would my epiphany grant me to be so bold as to say I think I have figured it out?

By it I do mean everything. The very purpose to life, happiness, everything that is worth having, giving or doing.

I figured it out.

It's not money.
It's not power.
It's not fame or fortune or "luck" as some may call it.

It's faith, love and happiness.

I don't want to sound too green-peace, earth-child, tree hugging lunatic who smoked one too many bundles of grass, but think about it.

1. You can't be happy with ANYTHING until you find happiness in yourself first.
[Trust me, I've been there.]

Now, even though it may seem as such, key word being seem, you can't pick something and make yourself happy with it.

---> Example: My whole life I wanted to find a guy to make me happy like in fairytale books. I thought if I just picked a guy, everything else would fall into place. Well, I picked, then I picked some more. I realized that just because I picked, doesn't mean I was right by any means.

Adulthood kicks in, way too early I might add, and BAM! you realize fairy tales really don't exist. Thus beginning a lifetime of settling because you think since fairy tales don't exist, the happiness you felt when the glass slipper fit perfectly couldn't possibly exist either.
WRONG. It is our fault for allowing ourselves to settle and believe that true, honest-to-goodness, head over heels, giddy all the time, rosy cheeks and click of the heels happiness went away with our beloved fairy tales.

I have always wondered, until now, why I was fascinated with the story of Cinderella. Sure, I may be partial to it, believing that it is the greatest love story ever told, ever. But it's more than that. It's the feeling I got that gave me chills up my arms when the Duke realized that the two ugly step sisters feet weren't the right size.

Somewhere over time I lost my faith in faith. I forgot that it's not all about what actually is happening, but what could be happening, or has the potential to happen.

At the end of the story Cinderella and the Prince live happily ever after, and while I am not so naive to think that everyone gets a happily ever after because obviously that's not the case, everything is what you make it.

"One shoe can change your life." -Cinderella
Just think about it, there's a hidden meaning in there.

2. Once you find that happiness in yourself, embrace it.

Don't be afraid of the natural high loving life brings. Take ahold of it like a two year old grabs onto his mother's hair. Grasp it and go.

It can be intimidating and downright frustrating when you see what you have been missing out on your whole life, and never even realized it. Knowing that all it took was time. Patience. Just a little while to allow yourself to look inside. [Again, not creepily...] But to dig deep.

You are supposed to know yourself better than anyone else.
Well, besides Jesus because He and His dad created you and have known you from the womb.

I used to think that if I blindly believed in an almighty power, that made me ignorant. To just assume because someone wrote it down in a book thousands of years ago, that it is ultimately correct. The way, the truth and the life. I thought that believing in something without being able to grasp it made me naive.

It doesn't, it makes me child-like.

NEVER make the mistake of confusing a maintained child-like innocence with ignorance.

Jesus smiled on those who could believe like children. Those who had that fairytale belief system still implanted in their hearts.

Maybe now I realize, that with a sincere love and happiness with myself, I can have that Father-daughter relationship that I have been missing for so long.

It's not about not having sex, or not cursing, or going to church every Sunday, or reading the Bible religiously, or even religion itself. It's about a relationship. [While those are all good rules to live by, again, when followed properly.] But it's how you find and make your own path to happiness, how to maintain that happiness through Him, and realizing that no matter how hard it gets, you really NEVER have to be alone.

It's like the old saying goes:
Those who can believe without seeing have the greatest gift of all.

And I finally understand.

Blind faith should not be frowned upon. Innocence is a blessing for those who embrace it correctly.

Love can be shared in many ways, but before you can give real love, you must first have it to give.

Happiness comes from within. Some find it sooner than others, and sadly, some never find it.

Anything is possible when you're patient.

Another List.

I feel like I have been neglecting this.

I have had so many other things going on in my life, I have put my blog on the backburner. Not anymore. I will do better and write everyday. This is teaching me discipline and getting me ready for when I commit to the idea of my book.

Things going on this week:
-Making yummy treats to send to my winner of the Bake Sale!
-Planning, oh so much planning, for the beautiful baby girl coming in April.
-Studying for the damn test I have been trying to pass for months.
-Getting ahead of the school work, for once.

And as much as it pains me to see my "important" To-Do list rapidly growing, I quote important because I have many To-Do lists, I breathe a sigh of relief every time I get to transfer something from my To-Do to my Completed list.


Things I completed that are weights off my shoulders:
-Taxes: filed.
-FAFSA: done.
-Invitations: chosen.
-Baby Shower meeting: arranged and taking place today.
-Bullshit: cleared up.

I have learned that I must transfer things to that coveted Completed list or I will go crazy.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Ultimate All.

First and foremost, a thank you extends to all of the lovely bidders and bakers of yesterday's Online Bake Sale for Haiti!

Bonnie is the proud winner of my yummy fruity granola bars. Her winning bid of $15 brings us that much closer to improving the lives of others.

Check out this awesome librarian's storytelling blog at:
[ http// ]


Ok, I swore up and down that the only thing on my Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger accounts yesterday would be the promotion of the Bake Sale, and it worked! We raised a ton of awareness and a nice chunk of change thanks to:
Diana at who put this all together,
&& Heather at who "online introduced" us.

It was a great success.

All of that food blogging made me think, should that be what I'm doing? Should I food blog and gear more of my things to what readers obviously want? [Heather and Diana are both supremely popular bloggers and when I grow up I want to be just like them.]

But I thought, no. I'm not a foodie. Readers rely on food blogs to be healthy and yummy all at the same time. Someone with a food purpose and great recipes to accompany an even greater success story.

For some reason I don't think I'm that girl, but I do love good food. Usually my favorite foods are healthy, but I am human and do enjoy that occasional indulgence of greasy pizza or a hefty scoop of ice cream!

And I do work out now. Actually, it's reading all of these success stories of multiple blogging sites that made me want to get up and go. Until I started this blog, I always hated running. I thought of it as my arch nemeses, and it's evil powers included, but weren't limited to: Taking my breath away (and not in a romantic sense). Shooting lightening rays into my knee caps and hips which would ultimately cause me to crumble. And possibly the worst one of all, self doubt.

But I think running and I have this love/hate relationship.

It is a much more productive bond than it used to be. I have been to my limits and back. I know what I can, and more importantly, cannot do. I have had success in learning the ins and outs of what helps me to de-stress while running.

One of my best friends and I enrolled in the same class this semester, and it just so happens that after our mutual last class of the day, we have the perfect opportunity to work out at the Recreational Center on campus. We figured, we pay for it in our tuition, so why not get some use out of it?

She sticks to the track and I like my precor machine. We both do the elliptical, and try very hard not to look too unfeminine on the weights. It's good, quality bonding time.

And since I am partially known for my list-making abilities, I will show-off right about now.

Running helps me in these ways:
-It helps me realize that I'm only human, and I can't do everything.
-It pushes me until I break.
-It gets me into shape (which was the reason I started in the first place.)
-It gives me something constructive to do when I get emotional.
-It allows me to look forward to something even when the rest of the day is sour.
-It frustrates me, kills me, hurts me, makes me ache, pisses me off, and at the end of the day I can't wait to do it again.

[ Sadly, this kind of sounds like the majority of my relationships. No wonder I subject myself to misery over and over and over again. I like it. I really like it. I must have a sick, twisted mind. I like things that torment me and that cause me pain. Things that challenge me to do better, be better. I just might have an unhealthy love for adversity. ]

To me, running is much more complex than just putting on some shorts and a t-shirt, lacing up shoes, and jamming out to angry girl music. While that is fun, running is so much more. It's a relationship I have attained with myself. It has help me figure myself out. It's opened my mind and freed my spirit, because when I'm doing it, the only thing I'm concerned with is how much longer until I have reached my goal.

On a side note: I reached my first stepping stone!
I ran 3 miles in 38 minutes earlier this week!
[[ Less than 45 was my first timed goal for 3 miles! ]]
My ultimate goal? To run 5 miles in an hour. I can do it.
Nike's helping.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiti Bake Sale!

Today's the day!!
The Online Bake Sale for Haiti!!
Step one: Go.
Step two: Bid.
Step three: Get yummy treats!!
[Bidding starts at $10.]
[and be sure to check out my delicious fruity granola bars,
recipe courtesy of Food Network, Barefoot Contessa.]

Monday, January 25, 2010

New Things To Come.

I am excited about so many things right now!

I am becoming an adult, and while I'm experiencing many growing pains along the way, I am enjoying myself probably more than I should.

- I have started seeing an improvement on the bills that I am slowly but surely paying off.
- I am joining a book club! [ ]
- I am baking something for the greater good at the Haiti Online Bake Sale! [ see widget ]
- I got a semi-promotion.
- I am learning patience.
- I have made a decision to be healthier, and stuck with it.
- I have made a point to be around my family more, and followed through.
- My book's plot is starting to take shape.
- I am investing in the best decisions for my adult life, not just for what I want right now.
[ SEE Patience ]

Everything is starting to look up. I find myself MANY times a day realizing that I am happier now than I have been since childhood.

I can't remember a time in my life where I was actually afraid of sadness. I lived in it for so long, I didn't even realize I was there. Now I do. I realize where I was and how far I've come. I still have a long way to go, but I'm on track.

To most I will probably still seem like a bubbly cheerleader. Those people have only known me for 5-7 years, if that. [ Excluding my family, I tend not to have very long term relationships. ] In that short period of time, I am the same person these people have always known on the outside. Most don't know the gloom of the inside and that is my fault. I don't like for people to know the inner workings of stressful torment I bring on myself.

But the inside matches the outside now.

As much as I have always resented the people who wear their feelings on their sleeves, I realize now that being emotionally fragile is much healthier than building up a wall not even a 3 year relationship can break down.

There is something liberating in introducing your true self to people you have known for years.

Just walking up to your best friend for 5+ years and saying:
"Hey there, remember how we went to high school? How we have been friends for so long and we shared so many things, well I kinda lied. Deep down I'm not the girl you've always known, I'm better. I have the ability to prioritize correctly. I know what I want out of life. And even though it's a bit deceiving, seeing as how I even thought you knew me all these years, I never even knew myself. I'm sorry I haven't been fair to you, but I am being 100% up front now. My name is Jessica and I'm brand new."

Of course, I wouldn't really say that, but my two best friends read this and they will know what I mean.

I can't express how much I love this feeling.

And yes, I'm temperamental at times, I seldom am able to choose a restaurant, I hate being around a bunch of people I don't know, crowded areas make me nervous, I thrive in places when I feel confident, and usually that confidence is derived from an outfit of cotton shorts and a high school t shirt, this is the real me now.

I can be very hard to handle or hold onto, but I like to think I'm worth it in the long run.

Just ask my BFF's.

Just a side note: I know I refer to "the real me" often, but that's only because I just found me, and it's new, and I love it! I named this blog on impulse and never imagine it would be this fitting.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I finally dug deep.

I started drawing things from within. I decided I didn't want to wait on depression to strike, I wanted to be able to find motivation from myself while I was happy. That was the challenge I put my writing up to this week.

It wasn't until late last night that I was stressing about SO many things, when I had a savior send me a great comment. I mean like the chill bumps all over, "Oh my God, she's right?!" sort of feeling.

My Facebook status last night: Jessica Yates has so much on her mind that sleep right now is no where near an option.

I was commented by one of my oldest friend's moms. Who is actually one of my mom's oldest friends. She said: Meditate on happy thoughts...cant do anything about anything till tomorrow so you might as well have sweet dreams.

I realized she was so right. It was as simple as that. I make my life WAY more complicated than it needs to be. Had I not taken this new initiative, accompanied by a new outlook on life, I would have blown past this cliche' comment. But I couldn't. It really made me think that if I hadn't started my year the way I did 2010 would already be 100 times different.

[ How? Well, I would have said yes on New Year's Eve. I would have caved to peer pressure the weekend following my favorite holiday. I wouldn't have texted him that message and embarked on what may be considered my first real spontaneous adventure. I wouldn't have the patience I have. I wouldn't trust like I do. I wouldn't have the pride in myself I am told I should have had my whole life. I wouldn't be me. ]

This year is refreshing on so many levels because I'm not afraid to be who I want to be anymore. When I say I'm not walking on eggshells, I'm not. Just ask my friends and family. I love this feeling and even though it kick started back in November [a thank you goes out to one of my best guy friends who is self described as an "asshole"], I have really embraced it with the new year.

So after listening to her last night, I figured why not. Why shouldn't I meditate on the things that make me happy instead of dwelling on the things I cannot change right then?

Her baby shower can't be planned when most of the world is sleeping. Class can't be paid for at midnight. Money can't be made while I'm laying in my bed. My clients wouldn't answer their phones if I called them. Studying was an option, but after taking a test nine times, I was not studying at that hour. Other people's marital problems can NEVER be solved by me. Even Sweden got to sleep.

Just breathe.

I started thinking about nice things, happy things. [Like getting to help TWO friends work on things for TWO different newspapers, both of which will publish some of my edits :) ] Things I couldn't wait to do. [Like traveling :) ] Things I am ready to do and will do because of the before mentioned "How?".

After meditating on pleasant and forgetting sad and depressing situations that would usually overtake me and keep me awake at 11:30 p.m., I realized the plot for my book.

It dawned on me like this crazy ray of sunshine through my pitch black window. I jotted it all down, even though I contemplated not moving because I was just so darn comfortable. I knew if I didn't put it on paper, I would NEVER remember it in the morning.

But I did. It's there. And I can't wait to start working on it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ADD and Impatience.

I'm not sure why, but lately I have been very happy. The only downside to my enjoyment of life is that when I am happy, it makes for a rough writing experience.

I can never seem to draw out my raw passion for words when I am content, yes content, with the way my life is going.

Let's see, I'm supposed to be "Finding Myself Through Words" so what would I consider myself right now? Hmm.

-Can't really focus on anything for too long, and generally, that isn't out of the ordinary for me. The only difference now is where my extra attention span is going.

-My impatience is overtaking my sanity. It's just that I know there are great things to come and I can't stand waiting. Not even a little bit. Not even at all. (A little 10 Things I Hate About You quote thrown in the mix there.)

So I guess that about sums it up. I'm ADD and impatient, which were two things I already knew. Therefore, today's short post really didn't assist me in finding myself at all.

Oh well, the last few months overshadow my slight writer's block by a country mile.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Phone conversations will be the death of me, and being apart like this is not easy. I never realized what people meant when they said long distance anything (i.e. friendships, relationships, families, etc.) were that hard. I always thought It's just distance, that's what phones are for... Wrong.

I have a new respect for anyone that cares for anybody that is not within driving distance of them. I have never in my whole life lived terribly far from anyone with whom I am close. I am fortunate in that aspect of my life and I never realized it until now. Any time I want to see someone, I could just hop into my car and drive roughly 30 minutes, if that, to see whoever I wanted, when ever I wanted. But now, it seems that distance is the demon seed that is teaching me patience. That taboo virtue that I never quite mastered.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, I will be one very fond girl in a few weeks.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Helping Haiti.

Many of you out there have heard about the disaster in Haiti, and although I try to steer clear of the depressing stories and photos, I want to help. As much as the world would like to wish the catastrophic event didn't occur, it did. It has reshaped the lives of many, and all for the worse.

All too often things like this happen, and all too often we [as middle class members of society] have our hands tied and are unable to help, even though some of us would love nothing more than to pitch in and make their lives as good as new. If this sounds like you, your helpfulness may be put too good use.

There is a way to help Haiti now!

No sending money to third party collectors who may or may not follow through with the donation. No having to gather money together to fly to Haiti to physically be the one cleaning up debris or rebuilding churches, homes, and schools. Most of us don't have the funding or the vacation time saved up, but there is a way you can do your part.


And all you have to do is make the decision:
bid or bake.

If you choose to bake:
1. Visit Diana's blog:
2. Leave her a comment stating what you would like to bake, if it's vegan, vegetarian, or neither, and if you are willing to ship in the U.S., Canada, or both.

If you choose to bid:
1. On Wednesday, January 27, 2010, visit
2. Bidding will be open from 12:01 a.m. until 11:59 p.m.

Please help out the less fortunate. This is your way to contribute to the greater good without having to leave your laptop.

Thank you in advance.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Both Feet.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast everything changes in my life. Now sure, I'm the one in "control", if that is even the right thing to call it, but it always seems as if things are way beyond my grasp.

Everything changes. Things never stay the same. Whether they are progressive or backpeddling, things in life never really stay in one place.

I am choosing to quote the ever famous Phoebe Buffay. Her boyfriend says to her, "We have to move forward, because if we aren't moving forward then we are just moving backward." And her reply, "Well no that's not true. If we aren't moving forward we are just staying still, and staying still is ok. See watch." She sits extremely still, but deep down she is worried that he is right.

What if it's not ok to stay in the same place? What if we are supposed to move forward and not stay put? Is that why it's referred to as a "slump" or "rut"? [ or a rump or slut :) ]

All I know it that even though I know it is frustrating for the people close to me to see my life change constantly, and that those who don't keep in touch with me on a bi-weekly basis usually find themselves behind in my life. It has to be exhausting trying to keep up with me. My ADD overflows from my brain to my everyday life, and it wears me out. I could only imagine how others feel. Maybe it's just such a tiresome thing to be close to me that no one really wants to get too close anymore.

Or, the more likely reason is that my life changes so frequently, and for whatever reason I don't keep everyone up to date, I get embarrassed when I have to admit that I have failed. I hate not being able to follow through on my dreams, even though they are subject to change as the wind blows. I am a constant person on the important things, it's just what I want out of life that I am undecided. And while I'm not 100% sure about myself, or my dreams, I do know that I want to do something. I want to leave a legacy. Touch someone. BE someone.

To quote Chandler Bing, "The only way people would know if I were gone today would be by the ass print in this chair!"

I don't just want to leave an ass print. But I guess if I don't stick to things I don't earn the right to leave anything more than that. I need to incorporate time for the people I love into my life and honestly include them. I am tired of leaving people in the dark and having to play catch-up everytime I run into someone I haven't seen in weeks.

I just want to keep feeling like this. Feeling alive and spontaneous. I feel amazing and free and exciting. So what if I wait a little longer to go to school? So what if I want to leave in the middle of the night to go on an unplanned adventure? So what if I jump into everything with BOTH feet?

-When I jump, I jump far.
-When I fall, I fall hard.
-When I go after something, I use my whole heart.
-And when I break, I crumble.

I have figured out that with me it's all or nothing.
"Balls to the wall" as my guy friends/cousins may say.

But it's those passions that keep me motivated to live each day. To the outside world I may not be living to the fullest, but the littlest decisions, which may seem stupid or rushed to some, are the most important to me, even if I haven't spent my whole life planning them. Sometimes the greatest things in life are unplanned.

Maybe it's okay not to have a map for every little thing.
I'm enjoying this crazy, unprepared, bumpy as hell, wonderful ride.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Found Spontaneity.

This past weekend was full of adventure, excitement, and just plain fun.

That sentence [minus "This past weekend"] sounded a bit like the preface to a Disney movie, but whatever. I had a great weekend.

My weekend started off with a much needed girly date with one of my best friends and ended just how it should.

Me and my seasonal friend from a few months back had dinner. We gossiped a bit, because that's what girls do, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

After dinner we saw a movie, Leap Year. Absolutely, hands down, one of the best cutesy love stories I have seen in quite some time. Leap Year takes the Irish accent from P.S. I Love You and adds to it the edge-gripping, awe-feeling that The Notebook expresses through literature and the big screen. This could be why Leap Year will probably never surpass these two brilliant romances, but if those movies tie for first place, Leap Year is a very close second.

After the movie, we went to grab some hot chocolate at Starbucks. We could not have coffee since the little momma already maxed out her caffeine intake for the day. It was delicious, and hair free!

I dropped her off, and headed home. But by the time I got home, I had already decided to embark on a "grrrrand" adventure. [I'm quoting the Irishman in Leap Year, it's one of those "had to be there" things.] And while I am not comfortable disclosing all of the intimate details of the spontaneity that overtook who I usually am, I can tell you it was fun.

I went hiking for the first time in forever, even though I would be more inclined to call it trailing. Then, after having to leave to get back to my responsibilities of the adult world, I babysat twin boys. They are four year old handfuls. Beautiful boys and sneaky as ever. They gave me a run for my money, but once they fell asleep for the night, all of the running around was so so worth it.

I got home to a houseful of people excited that the Cowboys pulled out another win somehow. We are wanting them to go all the way to the Superbowl, but will it happen? Nobody knows.

Lazy Sunday came and went too fast if my opinion means anything, and since this is my blog I guess it means everything. So yes, it was way too fast.

However, no matter how much I plead for the weekend not to end, it's back to work for Monday. Long, hectic, crazy Monday. And while I work, I can't help but be distracted by so many other things that entertain my vivid imagination. For example, I am contemplating more tattoos. Tasteful as always. Most of you will think I am crazy for wanting more, seeing as I already have four, but's my body. And as long as I am happy about it, no one else's opinions really matter.

I don't assume any other examples are required at this time. Tattoos should be enough to hold my focus for a few days, hopefully.

Damn ADD.

I just love doing what I want to do, with nothing holding me back. No restrictions. Thinking and doing what I want, when I want to do it. Having the freedom to change my mind just because I feel like it. Taking off at the drop of a hat just to go somewhere. I guess my ADD is a blessing in disguise, if it even is ADD. I'm self diagnosed, so maybe I just use it as my excuse. Either way, what ever is making me tick and feel this alive, I don't want it to go away.

Living for me in 2010. It's a great feeling.

Friday, January 8, 2010

This Rhyme.

I'm not speeding up,
But I'm not slowing down.
I'm through building bridges
In this flat-landed town.

I wish to mentally stay here
Enjoying this moment in time.
Where all of my joys
Come from writing this rhyme.

The One with the Outline.

So much has happened in the last few days, my fingers can barely keep up. Today's post will consist of numerous bullets and numbers that break down things and make them more appealing to the eye.

I. School.

A. School has been a roller coaster for me for a few reasons.

--1. I have had a hard time deciding to go with my gut and just go after the major I have a passion for, regardless of what others say.
--2. Paying for school is not the easiest when you have no money, no credit, and no co signers.
--3. As if (1) and (2) weren't enough, I find it hard to get motivated to pursue things when the end result seems forever away. [My impatientence and ADD come into play a little here.]
--4. I am considering transferring, but I have yet to decide on where.

II. Being Healthy.

A. I can't just call it running anymore, because it has surpassed that point. Now, I do many things to keep in shape.

--1. I am eating better. Usually I have granola and yogurt for breakfast, a small healthy meal for lunch, and then post run I enjoy something full of yummy goodness.
--2. I am running. Not necessarily every day because the cold temperatures have reached lows that this part of Texas has not seen in my lifetime.
--3. My brother is my "personal trainer." He pushes me to work out with him. He does it every night anyway so I figured why not bond over something he enjoys? Plus, I will get to benefit in the end. It's a win-win situation.

III. Personal Life.

A. Things are actually beginning to pick up quite nicely in this department, and while I am not sure where it's going, or really what to say (because I know he reads this) I don't want to mess it up. So, for now, let's just say I am happy and I like being happy.

IV. UT v. Bama.

A. Yes, this gets it's own special Roman numeral because it is that big of a deal at my house. UT is huge deal to my sister and step-dad, and when you throw in an incredible SCC team like Alabama into the mix, well let's just say last night es no bueno en mi casa.

[These will be short]
--1. McCoy was hurt.
--2. They put in a true freshman, Gilbert, who was terrified and rightfully so.
--3. Ingram is a beast.
--4. The loss was devastating, but I am just happy McCoy will recover. Even if my sister doesn't.

And that is all, but I wish to depart on this one special note.

"It's 8 a.m. in the morning, and I'm walking towards the door.
Whether or not I've seen you here, I really can't be sure."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

See What I See.

I don't do picture posts very often, but yesterday I had a semi-brilliant idea. I have made friends from all over, and most of them haven't been to my little nook of Texas. Or they haven't been back in a while. So, before I went for my run, I grabbed my camera and decided to do a makeshift documentary!

For those of you who wish to have a little more in depth view of my life, here is the first aspect I wish to share in detail for 2010: RUNNING.

It has become my passion, and even though it has been a love/hate relationship, running has become a huge part of my life. And sure, I am not that fast. I have to stop about every half or quarter mile, depending on the weather. I roll my ankles often because I run on the side of my road [which you will see in just a second]. But this year I am interested in doing things that liberate me. Things that throw me out of my cookie cutter five day workweek.

Be it running, thinking for myself, traveling, speaking what's on my mind, or just being spontaneous, I want to love my life. To me, loving something is just having the gumption to get out there and go for it. So I am going for it. I am running again.

Here are some things I see when I walk out of my house for my after work run:
[P.S.-Don't let me fool you, I only say "after work" because that is the time of day I run. I don't run in the mornings and don't intend to.]
The road [that was] less traveled.
Me getting ready to run with Mr. Buble' in the 28 degree weather.
Dedication? I think so.
My runner's legs covered in tights.
They need a little work.
I see the cemetery, which may be a little creepy, but it's so peaceful.
I thought this picture was beautiful,
because even in death there is life.
I wanted to get a picture to show that I have will power.
The smaller sign says "Bruno & George Winery."
The sun setting over the water tower and baseball park.
Though you can't see the ballpark, take my word that it's gorgeous at night.
Another sunset.
And me, ALL DONE!
In case you were wondering...
the run from my drive way to the very end of the street and back is roughly 1.9 miles.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A is for Apple.

My first customer of the day:

Customer: I need to change a car on my policy.

Me: Ok, sounds good, just give me one second to look it up.

[I look it up]

Me: Ok, found it. Which car will you be replacing?

Customer: The '99 suburban.

Me: Great. Do you have the year, make, model, and VIN for the new vehicle?

Customer: Yep.

Me: Ok, what's the year, make, and model?

Customer: An '08 PT Cruiser.

Me: [trying not to giggle at the ugly vehicle] Ok, what about the VIN?

Customer: Yep, right here.

[And since I can't tell you their VIN, here are just some examples of their letter/word usages]

-N as in No [And as badly as I wanted to criticize them and ask which homonym they were referring to, I just let it go.]
-G as in Go [I began to thought she only knew two letter words.]
-S as in See [Over the phone, it sounds like "C"]
-V...[Just V, or at least I hope it was V. It could have been B, or D, or C, or P.]

Then she goes on rambling about her "brand new" car. I am usually empathetic, but goodness. If you could have only been on the phone with her, you would understand.

Monday, January 4, 2010

ADD Part 2.

So, I was supposed to begin writing constructively [i.e. for my book] at the start of the year. The problem is, I can't seem to find direction. I have all of these ideas that could go so many ways, and I have not a clue as to how to harness them into one AMAZING, movie worthy piece of literature.

Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Regardless, I still would love to take action and move forward with my book. I just can't pick one idea and move, because about an hour or more into writing, I change my mind.

Imagine that. Me, being indecisive?
This will shock people.

I usually find inspiration from events taking place in my life. And right now, my life is somewhat steady. And while it is much less stressful this way, it does not bode well for inspirations. My dramatic highs and lows tend to saddle me into a rodeo of bucking disagreements, and then I'm thrown into happiness, but not before I smack the ground face first, get stomped on, and have to be forcefully escorted out by makeup-faced clowns.

Speaking metaphorically of course.
Maybe I went a tad too far.

It's things like that I want to put in my book. Crazy phrases that keep people interested. Things that confuse and baffle people. I have been told my writing style is unique, and while I don't believe that's entirely true, I do like to think that I do have a certain pizazz in the way I situate my words. A sort of swagger, if you will. Not so much in a gangster way...but this is me getting off topic again.

How will I ever be able to write a book if I'm too ADD to type a blog entry?
In due time I guess, in due time.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Post of the New Year.

A new year brings with it a new frame of mind.

This new frame of mind is accompanied by a new point of view.

My new point of view is showing me how to live.

I love it.

I never thought that I could be happy alone.
I always assumed that happiness wasn't within myself and that I was supposed to find someone to "complete me".

Thank you romantic movies of the 90's. You were my example of how love is supposed to be.

My being young, naive, what-have-you, caused me to think that completeness is brought on by someone else. Meaning that I was incomplete as long as I was just me. I didn't believe I was capable of happiness and recently I have found this is certainly not the case.

I have had a blast just being me. Granted, I was "single" from September until now, I just never felt free. I always felt like I had something tying be back to my ex fiance, or that I needed closure from an ex beau, or that I couldn't be friends with a guy without getting a little friendly. Well I had that last opportunity on New Year's day, and I turned it down. It felt amazing to say no proudly, and keep my head held high and my dignity in tact.

I love being around friends, especially some newly discovered old friends. There is no pressure of having to look a certain way or act a certain way. No stress about my personality, or appearance. Just peace. I love peace.

My two new anthems for 2010 are:
-Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble`
-Live Your Life by T.I. ft. Rihanna

And this is why:

M.B.--"Wherever you are, when ever it's right, you'll come out of nowhere and into my life. And I know that we could be so amazing, and baby your love is going to save me. And though I've been through every single possibility I know some day it will all turn out. You'll make me work, and I will work to work it out. And I promise you kid that I'll give so much more than I get...I just haven't met you yet. " ♥

T.I.--"Live your life."
[[Plain and simple.]]