Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"The Dogs" Dream.

I had the craziest two dreams last night.

The latter of the two is not nearly as interesting, so I will start with it.

My Dad and Step-Mom (who are married and have two children together) got married.
It was a small ceremony. Only him, her, her sister, my younger brothers and sister, me, and two of their friends (who are also married). The wedding took place in our driveway, under our basketball goal. After he pronounced them husband and wife everyone got out of their folding chairs and threw petals through the hoop. Then we all went into our backyard, which in my dream was the beach, and had a bar-b-que.

The first one was way fascinating.
It involved me as the main character, unlike the other dream, and I was in school. However, my beauty school class was in my old high school. We had some kind of fire drill which forced everyone to leave in a hurry, and I hauled ass for the parking lot. I was leaving school, cutting class...pretty much being a daredevil.

Well while I was rushing off I saw some cops going after the other students attempting to cut class, so I steered off into an abandoned building. Apparently, the walk from the school to the parking lot was forever long. Well, while I was off in this building, hiding from the cops and the crazed people who were leaving the non-buring semi-high school, I hear above me (yes above me) on a concrete slab some guys.

I walk up there, and they get mad. "The Dogs" are self proclaimed ruffians, who consequently had pulled the fire alarm to get the afternoon off. They were definitely not in beauty school, so I guess there were other sorts of classes there. The leader of them took me and beat the crap out of me. Then embarrassed me, though I don't remember how.

He felt bad, so then he liked me. He left his friends for me. He appreciated me, and as time lapsed in my dream, I fell in love with this familiar fictional man. Then he betrayed me.

He lured me into the same room as the beginning of the dream, where he told me to close my eyes, so I did. And I am not sure how I hurt this group of people, but somehow I did and they hated me for it. I was hanging out in their spot, with their leader. And just as I started to peek, I saw him change back into exactly who he was in the beginning of the dream.

I ran to the top of the building, he came after me. I defended myself by pushing him. He fell, and died.

Needless to say his followers were not too happy with this, considering they walked in just as it happened and saw the end of the whole ordeal. So they came after me since him liking me and giving up his friends was some form of cruel joke.

And they are walking towards me, in a hoard...And I wake up.

What does this mean?!!

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