Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goals and Praises.

I have hit my goal that I set out to accomplish for the blogging world.
1. 50+ posts,
2. 100+ views, and
3. 5+ followers [that created an account]
I am so proud :)
In other news, there is nothing like a kind word from a friend, or friends, to brighten your day.
Someone I didn't even think knew I had a blog, has been following it via Facebook. [Gosh I love Facebook, hence the addiciton.] She shared a few words about how I was a great writer, and that she hopes everything works out for me. That in itself proves there are still nice, sweet people in this world. She has been a friend since high school, older, and always kinda been there for me even though we aren't as close as we'd like to be.
I envy her already being done with school, as well as her ability to maintain her togetherness even if sometimes it's actually the exact opposite. She's a great friend. :)
This post just picked up my mood about 100,000%.
There is nothing like a couple kind words that can bring a smile to your face. After all, writing is the best medicine...or something like that.

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