Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Both Feet.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast everything changes in my life. Now sure, I'm the one in "control", if that is even the right thing to call it, but it always seems as if things are way beyond my grasp.

Everything changes. Things never stay the same. Whether they are progressive or backpeddling, things in life never really stay in one place.

I am choosing to quote the ever famous Phoebe Buffay. Her boyfriend says to her, "We have to move forward, because if we aren't moving forward then we are just moving backward." And her reply, "Well no that's not true. If we aren't moving forward we are just staying still, and staying still is ok. See watch." She sits extremely still, but deep down she is worried that he is right.

What if it's not ok to stay in the same place? What if we are supposed to move forward and not stay put? Is that why it's referred to as a "slump" or "rut"? [ or a rump or slut :) ]

All I know it that even though I know it is frustrating for the people close to me to see my life change constantly, and that those who don't keep in touch with me on a bi-weekly basis usually find themselves behind in my life. It has to be exhausting trying to keep up with me. My ADD overflows from my brain to my everyday life, and it wears me out. I could only imagine how others feel. Maybe it's just such a tiresome thing to be close to me that no one really wants to get too close anymore.

Or, the more likely reason is that my life changes so frequently, and for whatever reason I don't keep everyone up to date, I get embarrassed when I have to admit that I have failed. I hate not being able to follow through on my dreams, even though they are subject to change as the wind blows. I am a constant person on the important things, it's just what I want out of life that I am undecided. And while I'm not 100% sure about myself, or my dreams, I do know that I want to do something. I want to leave a legacy. Touch someone. BE someone.

To quote Chandler Bing, "The only way people would know if I were gone today would be by the ass print in this chair!"

I don't just want to leave an ass print. But I guess if I don't stick to things I don't earn the right to leave anything more than that. I need to incorporate time for the people I love into my life and honestly include them. I am tired of leaving people in the dark and having to play catch-up everytime I run into someone I haven't seen in weeks.

I just want to keep feeling like this. Feeling alive and spontaneous. I feel amazing and free and exciting. So what if I wait a little longer to go to school? So what if I want to leave in the middle of the night to go on an unplanned adventure? So what if I jump into everything with BOTH feet?

-When I jump, I jump far.
-When I fall, I fall hard.
-When I go after something, I use my whole heart.
-And when I break, I crumble.

I have figured out that with me it's all or nothing.
"Balls to the wall" as my guy friends/cousins may say.

But it's those passions that keep me motivated to live each day. To the outside world I may not be living to the fullest, but the littlest decisions, which may seem stupid or rushed to some, are the most important to me, even if I haven't spent my whole life planning them. Sometimes the greatest things in life are unplanned.

Maybe it's okay not to have a map for every little thing.
I'm enjoying this crazy, unprepared, bumpy as hell, wonderful ride.

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