Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Job & Much Much More.

So, I am working at Allstate because, back when I was job hunting, I was in search of a career that would carry me through my married life.

Well there is no more married life, and definitely no need for a serious career right now...especially when there are so many wonderful things I want to do.

I put in my application at this new chic, up and coming bar/grill/steakhouse and had an interview today. I got the job!

I was nervous about giving my two weeks notice, especially since Mary just left two weeks ago and he has still yet to fill her position. Her's was more tidious, but it's whatever. That's neither here nor there. Lola and I had lunch a few days ago, and I swung by just to pick up and application. Well, that turned into turning in the application, which led to an interview, that turned into a job!

I am so excited because it is much more laid back than this high stress situation I have found myself in. The only downside was breaking the news to my great boss. He, coincidentally, called me into his office for a raise. He knew I was leaving though, he could tell on my face. That, and because I had been talking about it off and on since the ex and I split.

I told him:
"I want to travel. If I stay here I will only stay here and that's not what I want. I need to figure out my life. And when I go back to school in the spring I need a less high profile job. School needs to come first."

(I knew that last sentence would bag and tag my double-bachelor degree earning boss.)

He said:
"I understand. You are a great employee. If you decide in 6 months or whatever that you haven't accomplished what you wanted to, come see me. I would rehire you on the spot. You are one of the best employees I have ever had. You are driven and obsessive compulsive and can multi-task. And that is very important to me."

Today could not have taken a turn for the better in any greater possible way.

So now I am:
-NC -Thanksgiving week
-TN -Christmas time/ish (hopefully)
-NY -whenever NJ has a 5k suitable for me and Heather :)

Yay for following through with my life.

School in the spring.
Trips planned galore.
My life is getting on track.
Need I ask for more?

Yes, I know that rhymed.


  1. Congrats on the new job! How wonderful and congrats to you for going after your goals and dreams :) :) I'm so glad your boss understood!!

  2. Congratulations! :)