Friday, December 4, 2009

Unforseeable Forcast.

I'm pretty much fed up with selfish people.

It is snowing for the first time this year. The ONLY time this year.

It snowed once last year, and before that it had been 19 YEARS since snow has stuck to the ground in good ol' Blowmont, TX.

Does my boss care that my whole family has either left work/school to go home and enjoy this miracle?

Does he care that it will probably happen once more in my lifetime?

Is he here, on a Friday, boxed up in this stuffy office?

But I am here, wanting him to jump with both feet into the Christmas spirit.
Not being a grinch, NOT BEING SELFISH!!

Even if I was off, I would still only go curl up in bed, but hey...that's my perrogative.

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