Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To My Bloggie Secret Santa.

So, I received my email today for my Bloggie Secret Santa. And let me just say, I am so pumped!!

The girl I got is so wonderful. I have been catching up on her blog and it has just been so fascinating. I was hoping and wishing that whoever I got would be from a totally different area and be someone who is not like me at all.

Wishes do come true.

When Bloggie Secret Santa's are allowed to be revealed I am going to do a feature on her I think, if she will let me.

Anyway, after reviewing her latest post, I saw that she gave some ideas for her BSS gift, and I think I should drop some hints for my girl/guy just in case they are drawing a blank like me.

About me:

I LOVE to write, in case you couldn't tell.
I love poetry and things of that nature.
To me, keepsakes are just the bee's knees. :)
I am not crazy about organics. I like to eat healthy but I do enjoy the occasional fast food.
I live in a small town and hope to move to the big city one day soon.
My family and close friends are my life.
I am twenty years old. A fact that I have never revealed to the blogging world.
Anything else? Just shoot me an email. I won't tell.

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