Monday, January 4, 2010

ADD Part 2.

So, I was supposed to begin writing constructively [i.e. for my book] at the start of the year. The problem is, I can't seem to find direction. I have all of these ideas that could go so many ways, and I have not a clue as to how to harness them into one AMAZING, movie worthy piece of literature.

Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Regardless, I still would love to take action and move forward with my book. I just can't pick one idea and move, because about an hour or more into writing, I change my mind.

Imagine that. Me, being indecisive?
This will shock people.

I usually find inspiration from events taking place in my life. And right now, my life is somewhat steady. And while it is much less stressful this way, it does not bode well for inspirations. My dramatic highs and lows tend to saddle me into a rodeo of bucking disagreements, and then I'm thrown into happiness, but not before I smack the ground face first, get stomped on, and have to be forcefully escorted out by makeup-faced clowns.

Speaking metaphorically of course.
Maybe I went a tad too far.

It's things like that I want to put in my book. Crazy phrases that keep people interested. Things that confuse and baffle people. I have been told my writing style is unique, and while I don't believe that's entirely true, I do like to think that I do have a certain pizazz in the way I situate my words. A sort of swagger, if you will. Not so much in a gangster way...but this is me getting off topic again.

How will I ever be able to write a book if I'm too ADD to type a blog entry?
In due time I guess, in due time.


  1. you're a young writer.. like anything else I would just randomly pick a direction and go with it and learn from your experience or "mistakes". I wouldn't worry about writing movie worthy pieces of work right now.. write from the <3.

    Mr. Anonymous

  2. So, Mr. Anonymous, you strike again. :)

    I was joking about the movie worthy pieces. I don't plan on making money with my writing, I just do it for me. Money would be nice, but it doesn't seem feesable. At least not right now.