Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A is for Apple.

My first customer of the day:

Customer: I need to change a car on my policy.

Me: Ok, sounds good, just give me one second to look it up.

[I look it up]

Me: Ok, found it. Which car will you be replacing?

Customer: The '99 suburban.

Me: Great. Do you have the year, make, model, and VIN for the new vehicle?

Customer: Yep.

Me: Ok, what's the year, make, and model?

Customer: An '08 PT Cruiser.

Me: [trying not to giggle at the ugly vehicle] Ok, what about the VIN?

Customer: Yep, right here.

[And since I can't tell you their VIN, here are just some examples of their letter/word usages]

-N as in No [And as badly as I wanted to criticize them and ask which homonym they were referring to, I just let it go.]
-G as in Go [I began to thought she only knew two letter words.]
-S as in See [Over the phone, it sounds like "C"]
-V...[Just V, or at least I hope it was V. It could have been B, or D, or C, or P.]

Then she goes on rambling about her "brand new" car. I am usually empathetic, but goodness. If you could have only been on the phone with her, you would understand.

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