Sunday, January 17, 2010


Phone conversations will be the death of me, and being apart like this is not easy. I never realized what people meant when they said long distance anything (i.e. friendships, relationships, families, etc.) were that hard. I always thought It's just distance, that's what phones are for... Wrong.

I have a new respect for anyone that cares for anybody that is not within driving distance of them. I have never in my whole life lived terribly far from anyone with whom I am close. I am fortunate in that aspect of my life and I never realized it until now. Any time I want to see someone, I could just hop into my car and drive roughly 30 minutes, if that, to see whoever I wanted, when ever I wanted. But now, it seems that distance is the demon seed that is teaching me patience. That taboo virtue that I never quite mastered.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, I will be one very fond girl in a few weeks.

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