Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ADD and Impatience.

I'm not sure why, but lately I have been very happy. The only downside to my enjoyment of life is that when I am happy, it makes for a rough writing experience.

I can never seem to draw out my raw passion for words when I am content, yes content, with the way my life is going.

Let's see, I'm supposed to be "Finding Myself Through Words" so what would I consider myself right now? Hmm.

-Can't really focus on anything for too long, and generally, that isn't out of the ordinary for me. The only difference now is where my extra attention span is going.

-My impatience is overtaking my sanity. It's just that I know there are great things to come and I can't stand waiting. Not even a little bit. Not even at all. (A little 10 Things I Hate About You quote thrown in the mix there.)

So I guess that about sums it up. I'm ADD and impatient, which were two things I already knew. Therefore, today's short post really didn't assist me in finding myself at all.

Oh well, the last few months overshadow my slight writer's block by a country mile.


  1. I know exactly how you feel! It's like whenever you're content, you're either waiting for something terrible to happen or waiting for something better to come along and make life wonderful! I hate waiting for stuff like that too. SO MUCH.

  2. I know girl. You and I both will find it. I had a reality check last night when I was watching P.S. I Love You. Jerry was yelling at Holly about not knowing what she wants. She said that she wanted a life. He said, "Look around Holly, this is it. You're living it."

    It just kinda hit close to home for me.

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