Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Ultimate All.

First and foremost, a thank you extends to all of the lovely bidders and bakers of yesterday's Online Bake Sale for Haiti!

Bonnie is the proud winner of my yummy fruity granola bars. Her winning bid of $15 brings us that much closer to improving the lives of others.

Check out this awesome librarian's storytelling blog at:
[ http// ]


Ok, I swore up and down that the only thing on my Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger accounts yesterday would be the promotion of the Bake Sale, and it worked! We raised a ton of awareness and a nice chunk of change thanks to:
Diana at who put this all together,
&& Heather at who "online introduced" us.

It was a great success.

All of that food blogging made me think, should that be what I'm doing? Should I food blog and gear more of my things to what readers obviously want? [Heather and Diana are both supremely popular bloggers and when I grow up I want to be just like them.]

But I thought, no. I'm not a foodie. Readers rely on food blogs to be healthy and yummy all at the same time. Someone with a food purpose and great recipes to accompany an even greater success story.

For some reason I don't think I'm that girl, but I do love good food. Usually my favorite foods are healthy, but I am human and do enjoy that occasional indulgence of greasy pizza or a hefty scoop of ice cream!

And I do work out now. Actually, it's reading all of these success stories of multiple blogging sites that made me want to get up and go. Until I started this blog, I always hated running. I thought of it as my arch nemeses, and it's evil powers included, but weren't limited to: Taking my breath away (and not in a romantic sense). Shooting lightening rays into my knee caps and hips which would ultimately cause me to crumble. And possibly the worst one of all, self doubt.

But I think running and I have this love/hate relationship.

It is a much more productive bond than it used to be. I have been to my limits and back. I know what I can, and more importantly, cannot do. I have had success in learning the ins and outs of what helps me to de-stress while running.

One of my best friends and I enrolled in the same class this semester, and it just so happens that after our mutual last class of the day, we have the perfect opportunity to work out at the Recreational Center on campus. We figured, we pay for it in our tuition, so why not get some use out of it?

She sticks to the track and I like my precor machine. We both do the elliptical, and try very hard not to look too unfeminine on the weights. It's good, quality bonding time.

And since I am partially known for my list-making abilities, I will show-off right about now.

Running helps me in these ways:
-It helps me realize that I'm only human, and I can't do everything.
-It pushes me until I break.
-It gets me into shape (which was the reason I started in the first place.)
-It gives me something constructive to do when I get emotional.
-It allows me to look forward to something even when the rest of the day is sour.
-It frustrates me, kills me, hurts me, makes me ache, pisses me off, and at the end of the day I can't wait to do it again.

[ Sadly, this kind of sounds like the majority of my relationships. No wonder I subject myself to misery over and over and over again. I like it. I really like it. I must have a sick, twisted mind. I like things that torment me and that cause me pain. Things that challenge me to do better, be better. I just might have an unhealthy love for adversity. ]

To me, running is much more complex than just putting on some shorts and a t-shirt, lacing up shoes, and jamming out to angry girl music. While that is fun, running is so much more. It's a relationship I have attained with myself. It has help me figure myself out. It's opened my mind and freed my spirit, because when I'm doing it, the only thing I'm concerned with is how much longer until I have reached my goal.

On a side note: I reached my first stepping stone!
I ran 3 miles in 38 minutes earlier this week!
[[ Less than 45 was my first timed goal for 3 miles! ]]
My ultimate goal? To run 5 miles in an hour. I can do it.
Nike's helping.


  1. Yep it's amazing what a run/walk and exercise can do.. I'm sure you know this but when you do that your body releases endorphins which make you think better and happier.. the runner's "high"

  2. I like that "high". It's good to me.