Wednesday, January 6, 2010

See What I See.

I don't do picture posts very often, but yesterday I had a semi-brilliant idea. I have made friends from all over, and most of them haven't been to my little nook of Texas. Or they haven't been back in a while. So, before I went for my run, I grabbed my camera and decided to do a makeshift documentary!

For those of you who wish to have a little more in depth view of my life, here is the first aspect I wish to share in detail for 2010: RUNNING.

It has become my passion, and even though it has been a love/hate relationship, running has become a huge part of my life. And sure, I am not that fast. I have to stop about every half or quarter mile, depending on the weather. I roll my ankles often because I run on the side of my road [which you will see in just a second]. But this year I am interested in doing things that liberate me. Things that throw me out of my cookie cutter five day workweek.

Be it running, thinking for myself, traveling, speaking what's on my mind, or just being spontaneous, I want to love my life. To me, loving something is just having the gumption to get out there and go for it. So I am going for it. I am running again.

Here are some things I see when I walk out of my house for my after work run:
[P.S.-Don't let me fool you, I only say "after work" because that is the time of day I run. I don't run in the mornings and don't intend to.]
The road [that was] less traveled.
Me getting ready to run with Mr. Buble' in the 28 degree weather.
Dedication? I think so.
My runner's legs covered in tights.
They need a little work.
I see the cemetery, which may be a little creepy, but it's so peaceful.
I thought this picture was beautiful,
because even in death there is life.
I wanted to get a picture to show that I have will power.
The smaller sign says "Bruno & George Winery."
The sun setting over the water tower and baseball park.
Though you can't see the ballpark, take my word that it's gorgeous at night.
Another sunset.
And me, ALL DONE!
In case you were wondering...
the run from my drive way to the very end of the street and back is roughly 1.9 miles.


  1. thanks for taking us on this run with you, my dear! i'm so glad we are sharing the same passion this year! (make that passions: running, Friends, etc. ;) )

  2. Aww yay! Did you get that envelope I sent you?

  3. I didn't know you lived down there! I've decided to get in shape this year, not lose weight...but get in shape so my lazy ass doesn't get tired going up 4 flights of stairs anymore. :P