Friday, February 12, 2010

V-Day Drama.

Today is the last day of the work week pre-V-day. The area of my desk where flowers are supposed to go is bare.

And, since I am technically single until that beautiful, eclectic ring lands on just the right finger, today is the day I was a bit thrown.

Everyone in the office was getting flowers. Even the ladies we thought were single. Well apparently we thought wrong.

It was down to me and two other ladies, and as the clock creeped past 2 p.m., we started penis bashing. I mean really hard core, dropping words only the saltiest of sailors use, and cursing the men who were supposed to be chivalrous but were not. They were just men.

Distraught, I leave on a quest to abandone the one goal I set for myself in the foodie area. NO FAST FOOD. Well, it's amazing how quickly one can forget those once, ever-so-important rules to live by. Good bye healthy, hello yummy.

I got deep fried, breaded chicken nuggets, steamy, delicious waffle fries and an ice cold lemonade. Mmm mm good.

I pull back into my office parking lot, totally satisfied with my choice for lunch, because in my eyes depression TOTALLY justifies eating unhealthily every once in a while. I waltz back to my desk, with a smile on my face, only to find a bouquet of a dozen dark pink long stem roses, wrapped in tissue paper.

I love wrapped in tissue paper. You could hand me long stemmed anything as long as it's wrapped in some form of paper. Brown paper is my favorite, but any paper will do.

Anyway, they are gorgeous, and smell fabulous.

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

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