Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Sister Is A Genius.

My sister is a genius.

This sister has not been a sister of mine for my whole life. Well, technically she has I just didn't find her until I needed her. She is an amazing girl, fellow writer, and one of the most well-rounded people I know.

Her quote on her Facebook status this morning said:
"The heart is always right-- if there's a question of choosing between the mind and the heart-- because mind is a creation of the society. It has been educated. You have been given it by the society, not by existence. The heart is unpolluted."-Osho

I replied:
"I have a question though...My heart always wants what it can't seem to get. Why is that? :( "

So, she says:

"nope, that's your mind thinking you can't get it.. your heart says you can :) "

Lately, it has been a struggle to see exactly what I want.

After my unengagement, my life's goals became much more clear. Here lately, I seem to allow things and people cloud the air in my mind's atmosphere.

My goals post-non wedding:

-Start running

-Take better care of myself

-Get all of my financial things in order

-Figure out what I want to do with my life.

That last one has been my heavy struggle. I can't seem to figure out what I want out of life. I know that I am destined for greatness in one way or another, but which way?

Just food for thought. Yummy food!

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