Thursday, December 3, 2009

Air & You.

High tide is coming in,
The walls are beginning to crumble.
Fighting to get to the surface
Is an unlikely sort of struggle.

It shouldn't be this hard
To pursue something so right.
All I want is air, and you.
Please lift me up tonight.

It is hard to comprehend
That everything is falling down.
Somehow, I am still here
Helplessly screaming-
But you don't hear a sound.

It's getting darker now.
The crashing waves are devouring my being
But I keep swimming, paddling
Striving to fight my way to the surface.

All I need is air, and you
That is all I need.
You would make this life
Feel so much more complete.

But for now I am sitting here
Surrounded by this storm,
Destined to fend for myself
Riding out this hell...alone.

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