Thursday, December 17, 2009


As I sit here, enjoying my own individual sized cranberry sweet-bread loaf, I can't help but not want to be be sitting here.

I love the yummy goodness of a homeade bread, and a well-deserved thank you goes out to my boss' wife and all, but just because there is a delicious baked good wrapped in cellophane on my desk does not make me want to be here any more than usual. Even if it is supposed to encourage us to "work ten times harder for the end of the year numbers." Umm no, so go roast your chestnuts on that.

It's Christmas time. Actually, it's one week and one day away from being Christmas day. And while I am still slightly depressed that I am unofficially single this holiday season, my whole "Bah-humbug" complex is starting to wear off.

Someone very dear to me made me aware yesterday that above all else, following your heart should be a rule to live by. And while it is good to make your self happy, that's only step one. The steps that must follow are taking what you've learned about not letting other people's opinions influence you so much, and enhance that by following your heart.

When you can do what you want to do, for yourself, making yourself happy and simultaneously making your heart happy, you have reached the peak of emotional maturity in the field of happiness. There are many other areas that I have yet to master, but I do believe happiness is a key one.

This holiday season I am doing things that are bringing a smile to my face. I am not thinking about anything sad.

I am letting the past be the past and the future be exactly what it is...unwritten.

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