Friday, December 18, 2009


Oh d-d-d-dear!!
(in the words of Winnie the Pooh bear and my sister who quotes him frequently)

I nearly had an "myo-cardial infarction" this morning...that's a fancy Friends quote for heart attack. You see, Joey goes into a hospital room to see if this guy is legit, because Phoebe met him on the elevator and just wants to make sure he is a "stand up guy". Meanwhile Chandler is trying to knock Monica up and Rachel and Ross are trying to "light a fire up there and smoke [Emma] out."

I know all Friends episodes all too well. Thank you Miss Heather Shugarman. My love has turned into a mild obsession, one which most everyone closest to me knows about. I LOVE Friends, and I cannot stress that enough.

Now, with that said, here's a little background:
--Chandler was shopping for Monica's ring in an antique pawn shop. When he found a "1920's 1.5 carat round diamond center stone with .5 carat sapphire trillions on either side" he nearly started crying. He even had the British salesman "propose" to him with it. When he almost told the jewelry shop employee "YES!!" he realized he
had to have that ring.

Well there was a big stink about how Phoebe was trying on a musket and tiara, got distracted, so the ring was sold to another man. So, Chandler bought a "cheap gumball machine looking ring", contemplated giving it to Monica, but instead tracked the man down to Le Spas where he would be proposing, and had Phoebe pretend like she was his dying fiance...ALL just to get this ring back.

Ok, so you wanna know the heart-attack worthy news??
I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!

The ex, errr not so much ex right now as an unoffical-official boyfriend/fiance/love o' mine...anyway, him and I talked for the past few days about one day possibly getting to that point where we were. The part about planning to walk down the aisle and what not. Well, he said that since he sold my ring back we would have to find another ring, but it would be a while because we would have to save up for it and the wedding stuff (since now we know how expensive it gets).

I found this GORGEOUS ring this morning, by accident, online and I couldn't be more thrilled. I was looking for some man-made diamond earrings, clicked on celebrity inspired jewelry and voila!

Soooo instead of a regular "Good Morning :)" text, he definitely got "I'm sorry, I knew I said I wouldn't talk about ring stuff, but I FOUND MONICAS RING!!" [and of course the picture was attatched].
Thank goodness he is so patient with me. Lord knows if this does work out, because we are taking it day by day, that he will have his poor hands full.

This is proof that everything happens in due time, and for a reason. Not just the ring, but the feeling it brought with it. Don't get me wrong, I want this ring, but I love the fact that I feel this way just took a minor shared obsession to get this way.


  1. I hope you get to the point where you actually get to wear the ring!

    When I got married, I told my husband I didn't care what kind of ring I wanted. But then I thought "wait! I don't like gold and the diamond has to be square!"

    So my wedding ring is a princess cut (that's how low maintenance I am, I didn't even know what it was called!) set in a white gold ring - I love looking at it every day and we'll be married 9 years next week! :D

  2. Aww that's so exciting!

    Yeah, him and I were actually engaged before, and I called it off, but we are considering getting back together. If we do I told him to get this ring!! He already gave my other one back, and this one is man-made diamonds and white gold...that's how low maintenance I am hahaha.

    Congrats on your anniversary.

  3. just love this ring!!! :P

  4. Ahhh! I'm jealous, I am soooo obsessed with Friends and this is my dream ring, but I'm only fourteen so i guess i might have to wait a little bit :)and find a boyfriend too, but good luck and i hope everything goes as planned :)

  5. Hey what website did you find this ring on and are you sure it is antique and the same one on Friends?